Cleanliness and Health Message

When you’re ready to visit Thessaloniki, we’re here to welcome you. For more than 50 years, and for 3 generations of our family, Park Hotel has been the home away from home for more than a million guests. And while travel nowadays is no longer the same, our hospitality remains the same. Today, too, our commitment to the safety and security of both our guests and associates has never been higher. And we are doing everything we can to provide maximum flexibility as the pandemic continues to evolve Flexible Reservations For reservations made before June 1, 2020, even those with restricted, non-refundable clauses, we’ve extended to our guests the opportunity to change their travel dates at no charge up to 18 months out or to simply hold their deposits against any future dates within the same 18 month window. And any new reservation for any future arrival date through August 31, 2020 can be changed or cancelled at no charge, up to 1 day before your scheduled arrival day. Full Service Breakfast Buffet Food services will be available beginning July 14, 2020. And to comply with health services recommendations, the breakfast buffet will no longer be self-serve. Instead, one of our servers will prepare your plate and beverages in accordance to your wishes (“point-and-serve” is an apt description). In addition, in order to ensure proper distancing, the breakfast area has been re-arranged and accommodates fewer guests. As a result, reservations will need to be made in advance for your breakfast. There are multiple 45 minute time slots that may be reserved from 7 AM to 11 AM. It will be necessary, and respectful of other guests, to be prompt and complete your meal in the reserved time slot. SecureClean Program Beyond our long-standing commitment to rigorous cleaning procedures, and aiming to support your personal well-being throughout your stay with us, we have instituted numerous small and large changes to our cleaning procedures and related practices across the property by using new science-led protocols and service measures that reflect the advice of the World Health Organization and Greek public health authorities.
  • Room Quarantine: Rooms are held in quarantine for at least 24 hours and usually up to 72 hours after a guest’s departure and are naturally ventilated. Rooms are then deep cleaned and disinfected. This approach provides maximum security for both our associates and our guests
  • Deep Cleaning: Rooms are deep cleaned and sterilized using hospital-strength cleaners and disinfectants after the room quarantine has expired (to minimize contamination risk). Used linen are handled by specifically assigned and attired personnel only. Linen are professionally washed at high temperatures with detergents that include disinfectants.
  • Sterilization: In addition to deep cleaning, rooms and public spaces are disinfected using electrostatic mist sprayers with hospital-strength disinfectants while fabrics (drapes, cushions, etc) area also steam cleaned.
  • Room Seal: Rooms that are cleaned and sterilized are "sealed" electronically and may not be accessed prior to a new guest's arrival
  • High-Touch, Deep Clean, and Sterilization: Comprehensive cleaning with extra disinfection of the most frequently touched areas/items both in the room (light switches, door handles, TV and A/C controls, telephone, and more) and in public areas (door handles and frames, elevator doors and call buttons and inside cabin walls, seat cushions, table and chair surfaces, walls and floors, and more). Rooms and all public spaces are additionally disinfected using electrostatic mist sprayers with hospital-strength disinfectants . And your key cards are also sanitized before they’re handed to you.
  • Clutter Control: Normally unnecessary items (extra pillows, bed covers, etc) are removed to minimize contamination traps (but everything is available upon request)
  • Clean and Clean Again: Increased frequency of cleaning all public areas.
  • Disinfecting Gels: Highest quality disinfectant gels for individual use are provided in each room and multiple disinfectant stations are positioned at key high traffic areas within the hotel.
  • Social Distancing: Instituted new operating procedures, reduced and modified seating arrangements in public spaces to endure proper minimum distances and reduced overall occupancies in public spaces by as much as 50%. Reduced contact at check-in/check-out and installed glass screens at the reception desk. Reminder floor markings have been installed and signage and guides are posted in public spaces to assist in adhering to public health authorities’ recommendations.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Disposable surgical masks, gloves, aprons and in general all proper equipment along with training on its proper use has been provided to all associates on the property. Masks and gloves are provided to guests upon request.
Hotel associates are trained to deal with suspected Covid-19 cases in accordance with the government’s health organization’s guidelines and may provide any relevant information about our procedures and the measures we’ve taken to handle any incidents as well as useful information about health providers, public and private hospitals, COVID-19 reference hospitals and pharmacies in the area. Please note that the government has mandated all departures must be completed by 11:00am while check-in time is now 3:00pm. In addition, also as mandated, housekeeping services will not be provided during a guest's stay unless specifically requested by the guest upon arrival. Finally, please be advised that the government has mandated we collect and retain specific guest information including detailed contact information which will be supplied to the ministries of health and interior in the unlikely event a health emergency requires contact tracing. All such material is held in accordance with GDPR guidelines and will be destroyed when the government instructs.